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Hardin Soy Candles:


A wonderful blend of Peach Bellini and Margarita!  You'll want a drink after this!   Each piece has both scents in it!  A Best Seller!


Our Mini Melters are highly fragranced soy melts. These melts are made for a candle warmer. Just place in the top of your electric or tea light candle warmer to melt. The wax can be reheated over again until it is no longer fragrant. Because these melts are flameless, they are perfect for offices or dorms where burning candles may not be permitted. We use a natural soy wax and a premium fragrance oil infused with natural essential oils specifically formulated for use in soy candle wax.


2 oz.  We use the maximum amount of fragrance oil allowed so these are very fragrant!


Fragrance lasts about 10 hours per piece that you use.

For best quality, candles are hand-poured at time of purchase. Please allow 3 to 5 days for production.

Peach MargaREADa Mini Melts